TERMS AND CONDITIONS for exhibitors are below

1.1. Organizer:

Brumax GmbH
Kopernikusstraße 35, 10243 Berlin
Tel.: +49 (0) 30 29 363638


By stepping on the exhibition space as well as the premises you will become a contracting partner of Green Cologne.

The following terms and conditions (“GTC”) apply in relations between Green Cologne visitors (hereinafter referred to as “visitors”) and Green Cologne (hereinafter referred to as “Organizer”). You are part of the visitor contract, which either come about by purchasing a ticket or or by stepping on the event premises. All contracts or verifications of contracts must be confirmed in writing by one of the CEOs. A contract, order or offer will only be deemed concluded once the contractual document is signed by one or more managing directors.


Beginning of the fair: Friday, 11:00 a.m.
End of fair: Sunday, 06:00 p.m.


2.1 By stepping on the exhibition space as well as the premises you will become a contracting partner of Green Cologne. The number of visitors is limited and only and is only available via online registration, our ticket partner on our website and exklusive partner website. Possible remaining tickets will be sold on the door.The organizer recommends to purchase the ticket beforehand due to high demand.

2.2. It is generally prohibited to commercially resell the already purchased tickets. The tickets shall not be sold privately. Using tickets for raffles and/or running of competitions without the prior express written consent of the organizer is also prohibited. Violating these conditions leeds to loss of access authorisation to the event without compensation and potentially also contractual penalty.

2.3. There will be no replacement for the loss of the ticket.



3.1. Admission is only granted with a valid ticket. The ticket has to be presented at the entrance.

3.2. For safety reasons and to avoid waste security checks will be done at the entrance to Green Cologne by the security service. The security company is advised to do a body and bag check on all visitors

3.3. The organizer reserves the right to deny the admission to Green Cologne in the case of important matters. An important matter is an obviously drunk condition of a visitor, obviously inhuman, racist, homophobe outfits, as well as the wrong clothing (not deposited voluntarily) and the entrainment of dangerous objects (weapons, pyrotechnic, intoxicants and others). A claim for a ticket refund does not exist.

3.4. In case of a denied admission despite a valid ticket, the visitor has the right for a ticket refund, except the existence of a previously defined important matter for denied admission. In this case the return/refund of the ticket is not possible. A damage claim beyond this is excluded, except in case of intent or gross negligence on the part of the organiser.

3.5. The organizer assumes no contractual obligation to ensure supervision of visitors who require such a supervision due to their mental or physical condition. This applies towards the visitors needing supervision and the persons responsible for the supervision as well as all other guests.

3.6. The organizer are not responsible for any injuries, which cannot be reduced to the negligence of the organizer.

3.7. The tickets looses its validity after the time slot has expired.


4.1. The event will take place under any weather conditions, as long as the organiser takes responsibility for the circumstances of the weather. Should the weather conditions constitute a risk for body and health, the event can be cancelled or aborted after the start.


4.2. In case of the cancellation of Green Cologen before it begins the visitors have no right of a refund of the ticket price.


4.3. There is no entitlement to a refund of the ticketing fees or any other compensation, unless the organiser is responsible for the cancellation.


4.4. If Green Cologne is aborted due to an act of nature beyond control (especially weather conditions), official order or court order, the festival visitor has no right of a ticket refund or indemnity claim, except if wilful intent or culpable negligence on the part of the organiser can be proven.


4.5. The organiser reserves the right of changing the site and/or time of Green Cologne event, in case the execution is no possible or unreasonable and the postponement on the other hand is reasonable.


a) Move to a different site: in the same or at least a neighbouring city
b) Move to a different date: to the next day or, if the impeding conditions (especially weather conditions) persist, the next Saturday or Sunday, if the event site is still available.
The postponement has to be communicated by the organiser immediately on his website and if possible also via daily newspapers, radio and Facebook pages. Before committing to large expenditures for the visit, it is strongly recommended to check the website of the organiser.


4.6. Program delays are to be tolerated by the visitor.


4.7. Changes will be communicated by the organiser as soon as possible.


4.8. The organizer reserves the right to change the program. A shortening or extension of the program is possible even after the start of the registration process and has to be tolerated by the buyer.


5.1. On the entire festival site the householders rights are in force and enforced by the organizer or by those Commissioned by the organiser respectively. The instructions of the security personnel are to be followed.


5.2. Any commercial action (especially sales or advertisement) is forbidden to festival visitors, except in the case of a written agreement with the organiser, which has been set up in advance. The organizer reserves the right to charge a fee of 1,000€ in the event of non-compliance.


5.3. Should a visitor violate any of the afore mentioned rules and regulations they may be expelled from Green Cologne and the event area. A refund of the ticket price, as well as a claim for damage compensation are not granted, unless the organiser or his agents acted with wilful intent or culpable negligence. The organizer reserves the right to administrate a contractual penalty amounting to 1,000€ towards the visitor or client of the visitor. The visitor has the burden of proof against the one who was made a claim against. If it is not provable who the client is, the claim will be made against the visitor automatically.


6.1. Drink are sold at the Green Cologne event. Food is served in reusable plastic or cardboard containers. Please respect the environment and dispose packaging, as well as any other garbage in the designated containers.


6.2. Regarding the sale of food and drinks contractual relationships only exist with the specific caterer.


7.1. Taking pictures on site is only allowed using mobile phones and only for private use. In case other photo and video equipment be used for the exclusively private use, this has to be registered beforehand. In this case please send a mail to with the a description of the equipment and the intended use. The equipment may only be used on site following a written clearance by the organizer. It is pointed out that live recordings are not to be uploaded online.


7.2. Cameras with zoom lenses, interchangeable lenses and/or video function, as well as recording devices (MP3/MP4-recorders, dictation machines and so on) of any kind are forbidden. The organiser reserves the right to deny admission to visitors, who are not willing to leave unapproved devices behind. Live recordings, which are done without the explicit permission of the organizer or artists, are also forbidden. The organiser is permitted to delete illegally made recordings or have them be deleted. Publishing of such recordings will be prosecuted.


7.3. Any use of visual and sound recordings for commercial purposes without prior written consent is prohibited. In the event of an infringement a contractual penalty of 10.00 € is due – This shall not impact the assertion of any additional damages.


8.1. The organiser does not have cloackroom or other storage facilities and is therefore not liable for any lost or stolen items.


8.2. The organiser are liable for any injury or damage to life, body or health if it was their fault. The same applies to any other damages which are caused by the organiser through the wilful or careless violation of duty. For typical contractual damages that the visitor incurs as a result of a significant infringement of contractual duties (called “cardinal duties”), the organiser is liable even if only minor negligence can be proven. Moreover, the liability for minor negligence is excluded. A fundamental breach of contract as in the afore mentioned sense, is one whose fulfilment is essential for the proper execution of the contract and on whose adherence the visitor can rely. The organiser is equally liable for violation of duties by his legal agents.The organizer are not responsible for any injuries, which cannot be reduced to the negligence of the organizer.



In the exhibition rooms, the general ban on smoking has to be followed. Smoking is permitted only in the designated and marked areas. The exhibitor is also liable for compliance with the smoking ban by the visitors on his stand. Should visitors contravene, this must be reported to the staff of the organizer immediately. The exhibitor is liable for all damages incurred by the organizer by the failure to comply with the smoking ban.


By entering the event site, the event visitor irrevocably agrees that pictures and image and sound recordings are made during the event, which can be used free of charge for reports, as well as prospective advertising of Green Cologne in the all types of media. He also agrees that this material is used for sponsor acquisitions. This approval only extends to:
a) incidental recordings of the visitor as part of the event recording / event photos.


The organiser saves and processes the data provided by the ticket buyer solely for the mutual contractual compliance. The organiser may only use the data of the visitor for informative purposes (such as event information, newsletter, etc.)


Subsidiary agreements, changes and supplements require written form. This also applies for the written form requirement itself. The law of the Federal republic of Germany is applicable. If the jurisdiction clause is valid, the place of jurisdiction is Berlin, Germany. If individual regulations of these general terms of conditions become void, this shall not affect the validity of the rest of the regulations. The same shall apply to any gaps in the contract. In these cases, the invalid provision or gap in the contract is replaced by a valid provision that comes closest to the economically intended purpose.


1.        SCOPE
The following terms and conditions (“GTC”) apply to the exhibition “Green Cologne”.


1.1.     Location and organizer
The exhibition “Green Cologne” will take place at XPOST Cologne, Gladbacher Wall 5, 50670 Köln. Organizer of the exhibiton “Green Cologne” is
Brumax GmbH
Kopernikusstraße 35, 10243 Berlin
Tel.: +49 (0) 30 29 363638


1.2.     The contractual relationship between the exhibitor and the organizer shall be governed by these GTC and other conditions notified to the exhibitor by email and/or by post and/or fax. GTC of the respective location must be observed and complied with.


2.1.     Registration must be executed by the exhibition registration form according to the relevant exhibition, which has to be filled in and signed legally binding and sent to the organizer (online or offline). A provided offer signed by the exhibitor/sponsor is equally valid in either case.


2.2.     The submission of the registration form does not justify a claim for admission. The return of the filled and signed registration form/offer to the organizer is a contract offer from the exhibitor/sponsor, which requires acceptance by the organizer.


2.3.     By registering, the exhibitor/sponsor recognizes all General Terms and Conditions mentioned in paragraph 1.2. Unilateral reservations or conditions in connection with the application will not be considered. The exhibitor/sponsor is responsible for ensuring that the persons employed by him at the fair/exhibition and its agents comply with the terms and guidelines.


2.4.     For registration processing purposes data will be stored, evaluated and if necessary, disclosed to third parties for the purpose of contract execution. The exhibitor/sponsor hereby grants its consent by his application.


3.1.     Admissible are national and international manufacturers, distributors, service companies and institutions or associations and organizations as well as those companies that are authorized by a manufacturer to exhibit his products, and companies whose products objectively and thematically fit to the fair/exhibition. Attendance in form of community stands is permitted, but all participating companies must be submitted to the organizer in written form before the official closing date for printed documents.


3.2.     The organizer may request that ite or ms be removed from the fair/ exhibition, which turn out to be harassing, hazardous or inappropriate. If this demand is not complied with, the removal of objects is carried out by the organizer at the exhibitor’s expense. The exhibitor guarantees that he possesses full authority to dispose over the registered products and necessary regulatory approvals or permits for their operation. The exhibitor/sponsor is not entitled to a refund of money or an adjustment of the stand rental in the event of a violation.


3.3.     The admission of exhibitors and registered exhibits will be decided by the organizer, eventually in cooperation with competent bodies/ministries. The organizer may exclude individual exhibitors or suppliers from participation out of objectively justified reasons, especially if the available space is insufficient and if necessary for achieving the purpose of the fair/exhibition, limit the event to certain exhibitor or provider groups. The organizer is also entitled to limit listed exhibits and to change the registered stand. Admission applies only to the listed exhibits, the exhibitors determined in the confirmation of admission and the space stipulated therein. Other items than those listed and admitted cannot be exhibited. Furthermore, other products may not be advertised in form of advertising brochures or sales conversation. Exhibitors who do not fulfill their financial obligations to the organizer or failed or have violated the terms and conditions or legal regulations may be excluded from participation.


3.4.     The exhibitor will receive a written confirmation of receipt. With this acknowledgment of receipt the contract between the organizer and the exhibitor is concluded. The organizer is entitled to revoke the admission, if it was granted on the basis of false assumptions or information or admission requirements do not apply later.


3.5.     The space allocation is made by the organizer in accordance with the subject and structure of the particular fair/exhibition and the amount of space available. Special requirements regarding the space mentioned in the registration form will be accommodated wherever possible. The organizer, if necessary, reserves the right to change the size, shape and position of the allocated space. The organizer will immediately inform the exhibitor about the necessity of the measures and will possibly allocate an equivalent stand. In case of changes in the participation fee, a recalculation or reimbursement will be done. Claims for compensation are mutually excluded. The exhibitor must accept that at the beginning of the fair/ exhibition the location of other places has changed since the time of admission. Claims cannot be derived therefrom. An exchange of allocated space with another exhibitor, as well as a partial or complete relinquishment of space to a third party is not permitted without the consent of the organizer. If the allocated space is not available due to unforeseen circumstances (non-culpably by the Organizer’s control), the exhibitor is entitled to a refund of the participation fee. A legal claim for compensation does not exist.


4.1.     The participation fees are calculated based on the given net m2 prices stated in the registration form multiplied by the square footage of floor space, if necessary plus size- and version depended rent for the exhibition space (stand). The minimum space size is as listed, every additional square meter of floor space will be fully calculated as rectangular area supplement without taking account the actual stand form.


4.2.     The participation fees and any other charges are net prices. The VAT will be calculated according to the legal provisions of the country at the respective date of the fair/exhibition in which the fair/exhibition is taking place.


4.3.     Reorders are possible up to 21 days prior to the fair/exhibition without extra charge, orders from 14 days before the start will be charged with 20 % late booking surcharge.
4.4.     Services which arise during the fair/exhibition or dismantling will be calculated afterwards. If the actual expenses are higher than pre-ordered a recalculation with a surcharge of 20 % will be carried out.


5.1.     The participation invoice is admission and space confirmation at the same time. After contract conclusion the full rental plus additional costs are due within 14 days. The full and prior payment of the invoice amounts is a mandatory requirement for access to the stand and for handing over the exhibitor passes. Invoices for any additional costs (e. g. technical service, accessories / furniture) will be sent out immediately after the order, optionally after the fair/exhibition. They are to be paid by the exhibitor immediately upon receipt of the invoice or to offset the paid withholding amount.


5.2.     All invoices are to be transferred without deductions at the full amount in € at the price listed in the invoice while stating the invoice and customer number.


5.3.     For all unfulfilled obligation, the organizer may retain the exhibitors’ stand equipment due to the lien. § 560 sentence 2 BGB shall not apply, unless sufficient security already exists. The organizer may, if payment is not received within the prescribed period, sell the retained items after written notification. The organizer is only liable for intent or gross negligence for damage and/or loss of the pledged property.


5.4.     If several exhibitors rent / co-rent a stand together, each of them is individually liable as joint debtors. They have to name an authorized representative in the application (contact person exhibition).


6.1.     Pending the approval the withdrawal from registration is possible.


6.2.     After admission cancellation or reduction of stand by the exhibitor is no longer possible. The total participation fee and the actual services provided are to be paid. The exchange of unoccupied spaces by the organizer to maintain the overall visual impression does not release the exhibitor from its obligation to pay. Should an exhibitor fails to occupy the stand allocated to him or in the case of non-compliance with payment deadlines, and can this area be otherwise rented by the organizers (not by exchange), the exhibitor shall pay 30 % of the participation fee, at least € 1,000 excl. VAT due to lost profits and compensation of costs for administrative expenses.


6.3.     In case of non-participation of a co-exhibitor the registration fee is due in full amount.


6.4.     Stands which are not recognizably set up at least 24 hours before the fair/exhibition, may be otherwise reassignedm or seating can be configured, or can be customized with regard to the overall appearance. The exhibitor nevertheless owes the full participation fee as compensation for the loss suffered by the organizer. In case no other interested exhibitor can be found due to shortness auf time, the design of the stand is carried out at the expense of the exhibitor.


6.5.     If the exhibitor, due to circumstances that neither the exhibitor nor the organizer is responsible for (force majeure), does not participate the participation fee shall be reduced by half.


7.        STAND DESIGN
7.1.     The exhibitor is entitled after consultation, to build up its own exhibition stand. The exhibitor is responsible for the design of the stand in compliance with all terms and conditions (see paragraph 1.2.). The exhibition stand must conform to the overall plan of the fair/exhibition.


7.2.     The stand must be properly equipped, staffed by qualified personnel and kept accessible for visitors during the entire opening times of the fair/exhibition. Foreign stands may not be entered without permission outside the daily exhibition opening times. The premature dismantling of the stand is not permitted and is punishable by a penalty of at least 50 % of the participation fee.


7.3.     The exact times, as well as the precise organization of build-up and dismantling, as well as delivery and collection will be given to the exhibitors by the organizer timely. These are binding. Moreover, the exhibitor is responsible for ensuring that the necessary approvals for its activities are available and the applicable trade law, competition law, health protection, fire safety and police regulations are fulfilled. It is strictly prohibited to conduct build-up and dismantling activities during the fair/exhibition opening times. In case of violation an amount of 500,- Euro will be charged.


7.4.     Earlier build-up and later dismantling times must be requested and approved in advance.


7.5.     A change in the allocated space is not permitted without prior authorization.


7.6.     The exhibitor is responsible for the timely dismantling of the stand. After the agreed period of dismantling all obligations of the organizer terminate. For goods still located on the exhibition grounds – even those that have been sold to a third party during the fair/exhibition – the organizer rejects any responsibility. The organizer is entitled to demand a restocking fee at an appropriate level for all not dismantled and moved out fair/exhibition goods on exhibition ground; the organizer is also entitled to remove and store exhibition goods immediately at the expense and risk of the exhibitor executed by a suitable company.


8.1.     The selling of goods (over-the-counter sale) is only allowed for products registered and confirmed by the organizer and according to relevant regulations. The right to sell food and beverages for immediate consumption is only allowed for vendors who are entitled to do so by the organizer.


8.2.     The exhibitor agrees not to issue, sell or give away any kind of illegal substances. In case of violation the person will be removed from the exhibition and pays all the costs for any consequential damages. A replacement of cost does not occur.


9.1.     The organizer is responsible for the general security of the location and halls without liability for loss or damage. The exhibitor is responsible for the supervision and guarding of the stand. This also applies during build-up and dismantling times. It is recommended to keep valuable and easily removed items under lock and key. Outside the opening times the organizer is not necessarily responsible for the general guarding of the fair/exhibition grounds. If the exhibitor desires a stand security the exhibitor has to hire a designated security firm by the organizer. The costs are paid by the exhibitor.


9.2.     The organizer is responsible for general cleaning of the location and the exhibition hall aisles. Stand cleaning is the responsibility of the exhibitor, it must be completed each day before the event.


9.3.     If after stand dismantling rubbish or other items have been left behind, the organizer is entitled to have this eliminated and destroyed at the exhibitor’s expense, plus a surcharge of 25 %.


10.1.   Exhibits, printed paper and advertising materials may be displayed only within the rented stand but may not be distributed in the aisles or other exhibition grounds. Comparative and superlative advertising is not allowed in Germany.


10.2.   The organizer is entitled to prohibit the distribution and display of advertising materials which may give cause for complaint, and to confiscate the supplies of such advertising materials for the duration of the event.


10.3.   Optical, mobile and acoustic advertisement means and product presentations are permitted as long as they do not disturb the neighbors and must not drown out the fair’s/exhibition/s own announcement system in the halls. If necessary, the exhibitor is obliged to assure licenses or registrations (e. g. GEMA) and shall be liable for itself. The organizers may intervene and require alterations in case of violation.


10.4.   Carrying or driving around advertisement media as well as the distribution of printed media and samples outside the rented stand is possible only with permission by the organizer. Moreover, the approach and interview visitors outside the stand is strictly prohibited. Such request must be made in written form to the organizer.


The individual lighting of exhibition stand is the responsibility of the exhibitor and must be applied for separately. The costs for the installation of water, electricity and telecommunications connections for individual stands and other services will be charged to the exhibitor (main exhibitor). The organizer is entitled to demand appropriate payment in advance. All installations may only be carried out by the organizer. Within the stand, installations may be carried out by outside contractors who are to be nominated to the organizer on request. The organizer is entitled to inspect the installations but not obliged. The exhibitor is liable for the damage caused by the installations. Connections, machinery and equipment, which are not authorized or do not comply with the relevant provisions can be removed at the exhibitor’s expense.


12.1.   The organizer insures the event against liability. The organizer is not liable for damage or loss of exhibition goods by theft, fire, storm, water and in other cases of force majeure. It is recommended that each exhibitor himself acquires such insurance at their own expense.


12.2.   The organizer is only liable in case of intent or gross negligence of its organs or of its senior staff.


12.3.   In case of negligent breach of contractual or pre-contractual obligations or liability for any breach of these obligations by vicarious agents and/or employees, the organizer shall be liable up to the maximum of double the participation fee, if the organizer did not act intentionally or at gross negligence in the selection of the person appointed.
12.4.   The liability of the organizer due to other reasons is excluded. The organizer is in particular not liable for the exhibits of the exhibitor.


12.5.   Damage must be reported immediately to both the police and the organizer. Compensation for damage is excluded if due to exhibitor’s late notification of claim the insurance of the organizer rejects the takeover of damage.


12.6.   The exhibitor is liable towards the organizer for any damage culpably caused by him, his employees, his representatives or his exhibits and equipment. Each exhibitor is obliged to conclude an appropriate insurance with a German insurer.


13.1.   The organizer is entitled to cancel the fair/exhibition, change location, time or duration or – if space conditions, police instructions or other compelling circumstances require – to relocate, change and/or limit assigned exhibition space out of important reasons. A change in location or time or any other changes are part of the contract when messaged to the exhibitors.


13.2.   The exhibitor has the right to cancel the fair/exhibition, if the expected minimum number of registrations is not reached and the unchanged implementation is not economically reasonable. There is no right to claim damages from the organizer.


13.3.   If the fair/exhibition does not take place due to reasons not indebted by the organizer or due to force majeure, the organizer can demand an amount of up to 25% of the participation fee from the exhibitor. If the exhibitor has ordered additional chargeable services, they can be charged to the exhibitor in addition.


13.4.   If the organizer needs to shorten the fair/exhibition due to force majeure or for reasons not indebted by him, the exhibitor is not entitled to request the reimbursement of full or partial participation fee.


The number of free exhibitor passes depends on the size of the stand and can be extracted from the exhibitor service manual. The number of exhibitors’ passes does not increase by the inclusion of co-exhibitors. Additional exhibitors’ passes are chargeable. The exhibitor passes are exclusively for the exhibitor, his stand staff and representatives. They have to be carried at all times and presented to the entry control on demand and particularly non-transferrable. They are issued on site at the fair/exhibition office or sent upon request prior to the fair/exhibition. In case of misuse the passes will be withdrawn without replacement.


15.      WARRANTY
Any complaints regarding defects of the stand or exhibition area have to be reported to the organizer immediately after occupation in written form, but not later than the last day of build-up, so that the organizer can remedy the deficiencies he is responsible for. Later complaints cannot be considered and cannot lead to claims against the organizer. Exhibitors will be invoiced for later complaints, because it must be assumed that those are self-inflicted by the exhibitor, whose personnel or theri representatives.


16.      HOUSE RULES
During the entire fair/exhibition the exhibitor shall comply with the domiciliary rights of the organizer on the fair/exhibition ground. Instructions by the organizer or his representatives have to be followed. Violations of these participation conditions or instructions taken under domestic authority entitle the organizer to close the stand immediately at exhibitor’s expense in case the infringement are not terminated after request. The instructions of competent persons (e.g. fire safety guard, building services, paramedics, police etc.) must be complied with. The organizer is entitled to take photographs, drawings and films of the exhibition, the exhibition stands and the exhibited items, and to use these for advertising and press releases without the exhibitor being able to object for any reason. This also applies to pictures taken by the press with the authorization of the organizer.


17.      SMOKING BAN
In the exhibition rooms, the general ban on smoking has to be followed. Smoking is permitted only in the designated and marked areas. The exhibitor is also liable for compliance with the smoking ban by the visitors on his stand. Should visitors contravene, this must be reported to the staff of the organizer immediately. The exhibitor is liable for all damages incurred by the organizer by the failure to comply with the smoking ban.


Subsidiary agreements, changes and supplements require written form. This also applies for the written form requirement itself. The law of the Federal republic of Germany is applicable. If the jurisdiction clause is valid, the place of jurisdiction is Berlin, Germany. If individual regulations of these general terms of conditions become void, this shall not affect the validity of the rest of the regulations. The same shall apply to any gaps in the contract. In these cases, the invalid provision or gap in the contract is replaced by a valid provision that comes closest to the economically intended purpose.